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  • Helping Teens with Mental Health

    Mental Health in Teens continues to be a concern for many parents. According to the World Health Organization, 1 in 7 adolescents experience a mental health disorder.  Increasing your own understanding of the risk factors, red flags, and ways to help can have positive effects on the adolescent in your life.

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    Understanding Risk Factors and Red Flags

    Risk Factors are situations or characteristics that increase the likelihood of negative outcomes. Risk factors can include hereditary factors, family dynamics, community or social situations, psychological predispositions, or life events. Below are some risk factors that increase the likelihood of mental health disorders in adolescents.

    • Poor self-esteem
    • Insecure attachment style
    • Parent-child conflict
    •Household or family conflict
    • Parental substance abuse
    • Peer rejection
    • Poor academic achievement
    • Poverty
    • Community violence
    • Trauma
    • Loss of close friendships or relationships

    Red Flags are warning signs that may indicate that an adolescent’s mental health is declining. A few Red Flags of mental health impairment in teens are listed below.

    • Losing interest or motivation for previously enjoyed activities (such as school, sports, friends, or hobbies)
    • Isolation or withdrawal from friendships or family
    • Major changes in friendships
    • Excessive sleeping or fatigue
    • Signs of substance abuse
    • Increase in risky behaviors
    • Weight change or changes in eating habits
    • Dieting or excessive exercise
    • Academic changes (homework refusal, skipping school, school refusal, receiving poor grades in previously enjoyed courses)
    • Signs of self-harm (cuts or burns that cannot be explained)

    Ways to Help a Teen with Mental Health Issues

    • Help your adolescent feel connected to family, friends, and community
    • Communicate openly and often (Such as talking at family dinner, the car ride to sports games, or regular check-ins)
    • Try to “Listen, more than you speak”
    • Model your own healthy behaviors, such as decision-making skills and self-care
    • Spend time with your adolescent
    • Encourage engagement in academics
    • Model and promote healthy self-esteem and positive self-talk
    • Educate your child about coping skills from a young age
    • As a family, provide structure, warmth, and support
    • Set clear and achievable expectations for behavior and values
    • Encourage a balanced schedule of relaxation and scheduled activities

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