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    Anxiety Therapist Near Moorestown and Collingswood, NJ

    Dealing with chronic or severe anxiety can be a real challenge. People with anxiety often find themselves avoiding potentially stressful situations, experiencing racing thoughts, feeling constantly fearful or worried, or feeling unable to be present for important life events. Today more than ever before, daily life can be filled with stress, worry, and comparison to other people. On this page, we’ve taken a closer look at anxiety and how counseling can be beneficial for people who struggle with this condition.

    What is Anxiety?

    Anxiety is a mental and physical state that is characterized by strong feelings of tension, worry, fear, and stress. In addition to the emotional aspects of anxiety, most people also experience physical responses to these feelings, which can range from accelerated heart rate and sweating to severe chest pains. If you experience anxiety before a big job interview or on the day of a test, this is a perfectly healthy, natural response. For people who struggle with anxiety on a daily basis, making decisions, falling asleep, or concentrating can feel extremely difficult.

    How does Anxiety Affect People?

    Every person’s experience with anxiety will differ, but some of the common warning signs people report include:

    • Anxious thoughts, excessive worrying, or fearfulness

    • Hypervigilance – always on the lookout for something to go wrong

    • Lack of concentration and restlessness

    • Racing thoughts or cyclical thinking

    • Feeling of impending doom

    • Fatigue or exhaustion

    • Physical symptoms of fear like sweating, increased heart rate, trembling, or nausea

    • Difficulty falling or staying asleep

    • Changes in diet (increased or decreased appetite)

    Why Should I Consider a Therapist for Anxiety

    Anxiety is a condition that can impede a person’s ability to enjoy life. Many people struggle with anxiety on a daily basis, but the good news is – we can help. When you work with a clinician, you can start to understand what anxiety is, learn what your individual triggers are, and develop coping skills to get you through the most difficult times. Anxiety is tough, but so are you. Working with our clinicians, you can build upon your strengths to overcome just about any challenge life throws at you.

    How do I Choose a Clinician?

    In order to successfully achieve your counseling goals, you need to find a clinician who can provide a safe, supportive environment where you feel confident sharing your thoughts and feelings. It’s not always easy to talk about some of the tough subjects that arise during counseling sessions, so you should work with someone who makes you feel comfortable. At Mind Body and Soul, we have a team of knowledgeable clinicians who share a commitment to helping people, but they each have unique training and professional experience. Take a look at our About Us page. You’ll find more information about each of our clinicians. If you feel that one of our counselors may be a good fit for you, don’t hesitate to reach out to us on the phone, via email at [email protected], or use our convenient online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you soon.