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  • Practicing Self-Care

    Self-care includes the actions and activities that keep you well, both physically and mentally. Self-care can be relaxing, invigorating, or productive. Self-care can help maintain happiness, mental stability, and physical wellness. Self-care can be introduced and practiced in various areas of your life. Below are different self-care practices that you can incorporate into your life to help improve the way you feel.

    • Emotional self-care aims to satisfy emotional and mental needs and wants. Emotional Self-Care might mean engaging in therapy near you , meditating, allowing yourself the space to truly feel your emotions or using a gratitude journal.

    • Environmental Self-Care is the practice of keeping one’s environment (both small and large) safe and satisfying. Environmental Self-Care encompasses many different types of self-care such as keeping your home clean, engaging in your community, or even lighting candles for aromatherapy.

    • Intellectual Self-Care is the act of engaging as a lifelong learner. In this self-care, it is important to stay interested, creative, and informed. Intellectual Self-Care could be taking time to read each night, doing puzzles, taking a class to learn a new skill, practicing art, or visiting museums.

    • Physical Self-Care incorporates healthy eating, good sleep, enjoyable movement activities, and keeping up with physician appointments, in addition to activities such as massages, manicures, or skincare routines.

    Self-Care can be practiced in many different ways, and your Self-Care Plan should be personalized to you! Take some time to write down one act of self-care as a goal for each day. Keep track of your consistency in your Self-Care Plan, and once you have a routine, try adding new activities into your plan.

    If you’re interested in learning more about Self-Care and Wellness, a therapist can help!

    We have many counselors who can help you create and stay accountable to your self-care plan at Mind, Body and Soul Therapy & Counseling . With offices in Moorestown and Collingswood, in addition to telehealth options, improved self-care and wellness is just a phone call away! You can reach us at 856-834-3709 or by filling out a Request Form.