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  • Embrace Positivity: The Power of Practicing Gratitude

    The Fall season can be a time of stress and expectations but practicing gratitude can help! Family, finances, and events are just a few of the common triggers for stress and anxiety during November and December.

    Gratitude is the act of being thankful, showing appreciation and returning kindness. Gratitude can be practiced in various aspects of our lives. Gratitude has been shown to increase our happiness, improve our resiliency, improve relationships, and even benefit overall health.

    There are many ways to practice gratitude. Try some of these simple skills this month:

    1. A Gratitude Journal: A gratitude journal can be as simple as writing 3 things each day that you are thankful for, or you can get more creative with a Gratitude Jar with specific prompts for each day. Try your best to complete your gratitude journal at the same time each day, to create a healthy ritual for yourself.

    2. Meditation: Mindfulness meditation can be a way to practice thankfulness for the present moment. Take some time in a quiet and relaxing place to observe feelings and thoughts as they come and go. Instead of judging these thoughts or emotions, express gratitude for them.

    3. Verbal Gratitude: Be mindful to express gratitude through words each day. Take time to thank a loved one in your life or to express sincere appreciation to someone new you meet. Increasing our verbal gratitude can lead to more positive experiences with others in our lives.

    4. Paradoxical Gratitude: Paradoxical gratitude is the practice of finding ways to be thankful for difficulties or stressors. Take a moment to reflect on a stressful event from the day and find a new perspective of appreciation for what it may have taught you or allowed you to do.

    5. Thank You Notes: Send a thank you card to a loved one in your life. You could express thankfulness for a gift, a nice evening together, or for supporting you in your life. Thank you notes can be such a pleasant surprise for loved ones in your life, and being able to bring that joy to others can spark joy in ourselves.

    If you’re still feeling stressed or down this holiday season, remember therapy can help! Consider starting counseling with Mind, Body, & Soul Therapy and Counseling. With offices in Moorestown and Collingswood, we’re here to support you. Reach out for more information at [email protected]. Additionally, Moorestown Counseling Center is another valuable resource for your mental well-being. Take the step towards a healthier mind and brighter future.