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  • Julia Hatch, LAC

    Julia is a Licensed Associate Counselor (LAC) in the state of New Jersey. Julia received her master’s degree from La Salle University in Professional Clinical Counseling. She has experience working with emotion dysregulation, anxiety, depression, grief, trauma, low self-esteem, neurodivergence, relationship difficulties, and behavioral dysregulation. Julia is foundationally trained in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and works to integrate Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and somatic practices into her work with clients to find stability and healing within the body and mind.

    Julia understands the difficulty that comes with creating awareness around our internal experiences and acknowledging the ways in which our experiences have impacted our sense of self: who we are and how we continue to interact with the world around us. So much time and energy is spent in effort to rid ourselves of the emotional and physical pain of our past. By working to create space within our mind and body with an attitude of curiosity and compassion, we can move toward acceptance and release ourselves from the heaviness of our past.

    As a clinician and individual existing in a diverse world, Julia strives to open herself up to the circumstances that exist beyond her awareness and start her encounters with others by believing. While Julia may not always be able to relate, she believes in the impact of diverse experiences and works to create space for validation and compassion. Julia recognizes that everyone’s experience is different and what works for one person may not work for others. Through a collaborative and gentle approach, Julia incorporates body-based interventions into her work and encourages active participation for clients to learn practical skills to help manage painful thoughts, emotions, sensations, and self-defeating behaviors. She feels passionate about helping others gain insight into their own unique experiences to cultivate empowerment and healing.

    Julia seeks fulfillment in her life through immersing herself in activities that align with her values and promote healing within her body. Julia finds grounding and enjoyment in yoga, meditation, doing projects around the house, reading, cooking, sewing, mindful walks, and spending quality time with her partner and two cats. Julia absolutely loves surrounding herself with plants and the energy of nature!