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  • Expert Tips for Stress Relief and Anxiety Management

    Stress can arise in our lives from all sorts of situations. You may feel stressed by work, relationships, or the holiday season. Stress can manifest in many different ways. You may feel fatigued, and disorganized, have trouble sleeping, muscle tension, irritability, or anxiety in day-to-day life.

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    Until then, try out some of our therapist tips and techniques for stress management.

    Self Care

    Self-care includes the actions and activities that keep you well, both physically and mentally. You can increase your self-care during periods of stress by taking time to care for your mental and physical health. Simple self-care can include taking a bath, reading, or enjoying a balanced meal. For additional self-care tips, check out our blog – Practicing Self Care.

    Incorporate Movement

    Exercise and movement can help to let go of stress in your body and mind. You can incorporate movement into your life through exercise, taking a walk, or trying yoga. Remember, even small practices of movement can improve your self-care and stress management.

    Mindfulness Practice

    Mindfulness is the practice of staying present and nonjudgmental. Mindfulness can be practiced through guided meditation, taking time to be present and notice the world around you, or practicing letting go of stressful thoughts as they arise. For more details on how to create and maintain your own mindfulness practice, check out our blog – Creating Your Own Mindfulness Practice

    Implement Healthy Boundaries

    Often, work can be a major trigger for stress. If you find yourself working outside of designated work hours, ruminating on work issues, or having trouble “turning off” from work, healthy boundaries may help! You can create boundaries by setting time limits on work, practicing mindfulness skills when work worries arise, and communicating healthy boundaries with work.

    Try a New Relaxation Technique

    Relaxation techniques are skills specifically for letting go of anxiety and stress in our bodies. Deep breathing is a helpful tool, as it can be used whenever stress or anxiety arises. The goal of deep breathing is to breathe purposefully, deeply, and slowly. Take a few minutes to practice deep-breathing skills with the following steps:

    Sit or lie comfortably and place one hand on your abdomen, and one hand on your chest.

    Breathe in through your nose, deeply enough that the hand on your abdomen rises.

    Hold the air in your lungs, and then exhale slowly through your mouth. Time the inhalation (4s), pause (2s), and exhalation (4s) for rectangular breathing. If this count feels uncomfortable for you, adjust as needed.

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