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  • Anxiety Disorder And How Counseling Can Help

    Anxiety can be defined as a feeling of dread, uneasiness or fear about what’s to come. Some common physical signs of anxiety include sweating, restlessness, and an abnormally fast heart rate.

    We all get anxious sometimes, but when a person’s fears and worries are so constant that they interfere with their daily life, they may have generalized anxiety disorder. Some other types of anxiety disorders include social anxiety disorder, panic disorder, medication-induced anxiety disorder, and separation anxiety.

    Anxiety disorders are more common than you think. It is estimated that more than 40 million adults in the country have anxiety disorders. Anxiety disorders can run in families. An anxiety disorder can affect a person’s ability to function and navigate everyday life.


    Although symptoms that arise in tandem with anxiety can vary depending on the individual, some common symptoms of anxiety disorders include:
    ➢ Feelings of doom, anger, or panic
    ➢ Difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep
    ➢ Difficulty staying calm and holding still
    ➢ Cold, numbing, sweaty or tingling hands and/or feet
    ➢ Nausea and tense muscles
    ➢ Difficulty concentrating
    ➢ Experiencing shortness of breath, dry mouth, and heart palpitations

    Depending on the individual’s experience with anxiety, varying symptoms may occur.

    Risk Factors

    Some risk factors for anxiety disorders include high levels of stress, mental health disorders, ineffective coping skills, and substance use.

    How Does Anxiety Counseling Help?

    The objective of anxiety counseling is to equip patients with coping skills. During counseling sessions, an anxiety therapist may conduct various psychotherapy exercises to help their patients better understand and manage their triggers.

    With each anxiety therapy session, a patient becomes more effective in finding ways to calm their minds and better cope with their anxieties.

    Mind, Body, and Soul Therapy & Counseling is a team of licensed therapists specializing in a wide range of mental health issues including anxiety, depression, stress management, and more.

    If you or a loved one have been experiencing signs and symptoms of anxiety, reach out to our team in Collingswood and Moorestown for help. Let our team of anxiety therapists be the support to help you manage your anxiety and get back to your life. To schedule your session, call (856) 834-3709.

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