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  • Is therapy right for me?

    Therapy can be helpful for many individuals dealing with different stressors and symptoms. If you are asking yourself if therapy might be right for you, take a look at some of the reasons people choose to start therapy and if these reasons resonate with you, it might be beneficial to start your journey to therapy.

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    Major Life Changes

    Many individuals enter therapy as they are going through a transition or change. These life changes could be exciting, such as a new job, becoming a parent, starting college, marriage, or identity exploration or they could be stressful or negative life changes such as loss, divorce, or changes in support network. These types of life changes can lead to difficulty adjusting. A therapist can help you process the changes in your life and work towards acceptance, understanding and coping.

    Depression or Sadness

    Nearly 1 in 5 adults experiences depression. Many individuals seek therapy to find ways to cope with depression. Depression may manifest in sadness, hopelessness, isolation, changes in appetite, changes in sleep, feelings of guilt, lack of motivation and energy, poor concentration or thoughts of death. If you are experiencing depression, therapy is highly recommended. Therapy can help to process triggers for depression, learn coping skills, and create healthier patterns of thinking to reduce symptoms.

    Anxiety or Worry

    Everyone experiences feelings of anxiety at some points in their lives. However, for individuals with anxiety disorders, these experiences of anxiety are more frequent, more intense, and more difficult to manage. If you are experiencing anxiety, fear of judgment, worry, obsessive thoughts, phobias, panic attacks, or avoidance of previously enjoyable experiences due to anxiety, therapy can help.

    Relationship Issues

    Relationships can ebb and flow. If your romantic relationship, family dynamics, or friendship support network are causing distress or dysfunction in your life, therapy can help to process these feelings and to teach interpersonal skills such as communication skills, boundaries or conflict resolution skills to help.

    Unhealthy Relationship with Substances

    If you are experiencing an increase in substance use, more negative consequences of substance use, or difficulty cutting back on substance use, a substance abuse therapist can help you to explore your relationship with substances and find a pathway to recovery or moderation.

    Grief and Loss

    The loss of a loved one is a very difficult life event to navigate. If you have experienced a recent loss or if you have had difficulty accepting a past loss, therapy can help to process the stages of grief in a healthy and supportive environment.


    Trauma can take many forms. Whether you are coping with a recent trauma or uncovering difficulties from a trauma long ago, working with a therapist can help to process these experiences in a safe and validating environment.

    Looking for Ways to Become Healthier

    Some individuals seek therapy to increase their wellness. You do not need to be experiencing specific mental health symptoms to benefit from therapy. Individuals seeking to engage in wellness therapy can benefit from therapeutic goal-setting, self-explorations, skills-building, and having a trusted ally to help hold them accountable for their wellness goals.

    If any of the items on the list above sound like your experience, therapy may be right for you. If you are interested in starting online or in-person therapy, reach out to [email protected]  or call us directly at 856-834-3709 to get started!